Tradition since 1542

The Bärwirt through the change of time

1492 – Christoph Kolumbus discovers America



Lansquenets’ carousing

1564 – Galileo Galilei,  one of the founding fathers of modern science is born.



Sale of the “Eybsche Hof

1687 – Birthyear of Balthasar Neumanns, one of the most important master builders of the Baroque and Rococo periods in southern Germany



Confirmation of the monopoly on pubs for Peter Weingärtner

1740 – Friedrich II. is crowned King of Prussia. Also known as Friedrich the Great or the Old Fritz



Purchase by Johan Georg Englerth

1789 – Beginning of the French Revolution in the name of civil liberties



New building of the Bären
on the main street

1848 – German Revolution: Protests against the supremacy of the aristocracy and princely rule



Purchase by Caspar Schmitt

1933 – New Deal: As the new president, Franklin D. Roosevelt tries to lead the USA out of the depression with comprehensive reforms.



Takeover by Hildegard and Fritz Morhard

1953 – Elizabeth II is crowned Queen of England at the age of 27

1954 – The “Miracle of Bern”: Germany becomes football world champion on 4 July with an unexpected 3:2 victory over Hungary.



Welcoming of the first overnight guests

1963 – Martin Luther King holds his famous speech „I have a Dream“ in Washington



Rita and Stefan are renovating the restaurant

1985 – Boris Becker wins Wimbledon. On 7 July, the 17-year-old thereby becomes a) the first German and b) the youngest Wimbledon winner of all time.



Extension of the Gardenhouse

2007 – The former Apple CEO Steve Jobs presents the first iPhone

2011 – Lena Meyer-Landrut wins the Grand Prix of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Oslo to Germany with her hit “Satellite”.

2014 – Germany becomes football world champion for the fourth time in Brazil.


2015 - 2017

Purchase and restoration of the Gothic house