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Everything about Wine

For us, Franconian gourmet cuisine goes hand in hand with a fine Franconian wine to match this special taste experience. Enjoy an elegant-imposing Bacchus, a light Silvaner or the flowery, mild Müller-Thurgau with us under expert guidance. Or listen to one or two anecdotes about Franconian wine culture. A spicy Traminer Spätlese with fruity sweetness can also replace dessert.

To some occasions, a hearty country beer or a regional Franconian beer speciality goes well with some rather hearty dishes. We will be happy to advise you. Alternatively, we also have non-alcoholic beverages ranging from juice spritzers to table water. In the end, it’s all about one thing: your very own unforgettable hours at the Bären. Like a relaxing short break from everyday life – even if it’s just for a very special evening. Welcome to Franconia, welcome to the traditional Gasthof Bären.

A view in our
Wine cellar

Wine is passion

Cause I enjoy it!

Do you need “titles” to document class? I say no. Nevertheless, I have decided to officially become a sommelier at the IHK Würzburg in 2019. What can I say? A great experience! It was not only fun, but also broadened my horizons even more. Wine types, colour nuances, quality, scent, storage condition … It’s great fun to dive deeper into this cultural beverage. And to keep our grown, historic wine cellar up-to-date and accessible. I would be delighted if I could infect and inspire you with my passion for wine, vines and the growing regions of the world.

Your sincerely, Max Morhard

The cultural beverage

In our historic wine cellar we store a wide variety of wines for your enjoyment and pleasant evenings. From the dry Silvaner to the fruity Bacchus to the classic Müller-Thurgau, we certainly stock all Franconian grape juices. But we also have one or two surprising wines to offer for the more exotic palate. Talk to us – we are eager to personally sweeten your days and evenings.