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Food & Beverages

There is something special about Franconian guest rooms. You will feel it immediately when you take a seat – perhaps by the tiled stove or in the cosy Englerth-Stube. The hectic pace of everyday life is quickly forgotten here. And while our chefs conjure up your menu, you have time to enjoy the atmosphere. Is it a dinner for two, your business invitation or family celebration, we always offer you the right and personal ambience. Decorated with love. That is franconian hospitality.

As an appetiser, you can take a look at our seasonal Maincard. In addition, we offer daily recommendations on our daily menu for you. If you like, you can take a look in advance at our Winecard (The Cards are subject to change).

Gourmet Delights

In Franconia, from Franconia, but of course not only for Franconia. We look forward to delighting you with regional delicacies every day. When we speak of Franconian cuisine, we mean our very personal staging of specialities from our beautiful, Franconian homeland. Freshly prepared with passion. Served with love. And served by a well-coordinated team who seek to inspire delighted guests with their passion.

Seasonal Freshness

Visit us during our traditional theme weeks with freshly caught fish which is typical for the region, forest-scented mushrooms or the classic asparagus or goose season. Of course, we always recommend the appropriate wine from our Franconian winemakers. And if you are not a fan of wine, we are also happy to serve you various beer or non-alcoholic drink specialities.

Our local mission statement

Regional Roots

We live and exemplify a colourful, multi-faceted world view. Furthermore, we love our regional roots and traditions. We try to embody a corresponding mission statement in our daily work and vocation. We celebrate a regional culture simply for the joy of it, which for us also and above all shows itself in the endearing pleasure of eating and drinking. As a tradition-conscious hotel inn, we see it as our duty and responsibility to make regional food and products the basis of our culinary art.

Franconian Products

In the kitchen of the Gasthof Bären, mainly products from local producers are used. Starting from local forests to fish from a regional fishery or local fishermen and potatoes or strawberries from Franconian soil. Right through to baked goods from the bakeries and wine from Randersacker and the surrounding area. Seasonal delicacies such as Franconian asparagus in spring or fragrant wild mushrooms from the surrounding area are celebrated seasonally.

An excerpt of our regional suppliers

  • Beer – Privatbrauerei Kesselring, Marktsteft
  • Bread & Rolls – Vollkornbäckerei Köhler, Würzburg
  • Brandy Wine – Haus der edlen Brände Peter Piesch, Randersacker
  • Brandy Wine & Whisky – Alte Hausbrennerei A. Wecklein, Arnstein
  • Eggs – Naturlandhof Lehner, Gülchsheim
  • Ice & Cucumbers – Bauernhof Familie Götz, Röthlein
  • Duck, Goose & Asparagus – Spargelhof Weilhöfer, Kolitzheim
  • Delicacies – Victor Nußbaumer, Kürnach
  • Beverages – Kelterei & Getränkevertrieb Dengel, Holzkirchhausen
  • Honey – Apiflora, Theilheim
  • Liqueur – Brennerei Dickas, Bischofsheim in der Rhön
  • Fruit & Vegetables – Schraut & Baunach, Würzburg
  • Juices – Karls Säfte, Großrinderfeld
  • Sparkling Wine – Sektkellerei Höfer, Würzburg
  • Freshwater Fish – Fischzucht Müller, Birkenfeld
  • Wine – Weingut Edelhof, Randersacker
  • Wine – Weingut Göbel, Randersacker
  • Wine – Weingut im Pfülben, Randersacker
  • Wine – Weingut König im Bergmeisterhaus, Randersacker
  • Wine – Weingut May, Retzstadt
  • Wine – Weingut Schmachtenberger, Randersacker
  • Wine – Weingut Schmitts Kinder, Randersacker
  • Wine – Weingut Störlein Krenig, Randersacker
  • Wine – Weingut Trockene Schmitts, Randersacker
  • Wine & Brandy Wine – Weingut Arnold, Randersacker
  • Sausage & Ham – Kolstermetzgerei Münsterschwarzach, Münsterschwarzach
  • Venison – delivered by different regional huntsman